3 Ways to Enjoy a Night at a Hookah Lounge


hookah lounge 2

Hookah is a type of oriental water pipe that is used to smoke specially made tobacco that can comes in a variety of fun flavors, like mint, cherry, chocolate, strawberry, and more. Hookah is a quintessential part of Arabic culture and it traditionally involves people sitting on pillows on the ground in a circle around the hookah pipe. Friends pass around the tube that is used to inhale the smoke, and there are hookahs of many different sizes for all sizes of groups to enjoy together.

Hookah is an exotic experience that can transport you to another part of the world, no matter where you are. You must be 18 years of age or older to enjoy hookah, and it is a perfect thing to do with friends if you’re planning a fun evening out.

Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties

If you’re planning a friend’s hen or stag party, then you’re thinking about all the ways you can make it special and fun. Drinking is sure to be involved and while bar and club hopping is a must for many people, why not make it a little different and take the group to a hookah lounge? You’ll give the guest-of-honor a unique experience that is more creative than just taking him or her to a bar or club. And you’ll get to have fun together in an elegant environment where you can actually talk and enjoy each other’s company—unlike the loud volume of most bars and clubs. You won’t have to worry about any children ruining your night out, unlike at a restaurant, and you can enjoy delicious food, drinks, and hookah all at the same time. And if one of you is in charge of transporting everyone safely, the great thing about hookah is that you’ll be perfectly safe and able to drive when you leave, unlike alcohol consumption.

Birthday Parties

Thinking of something unique, fun, and not too expensive to do for your friend on their birthday? A night at the hookah lounge is a perfect option! Here, you can treat him or her to a fun, exotic experience that might be something they have never done before, without having to spend the big bucks. Order some food and a drink for the birthday girl or boy, and treat the both of you to a night of hookah with deliciously flavored tobacco. A hookah lounge is the perfect place for an intimate night out with a close friend for their special day, but it can also accommodate a large group of friends.

Date Night

For your next date night with your sweetheart, do something unique and try some hookah at a posh hookah lounge. You can dress up with your date, and wine and dine with delicious Mediterranean food, specialty cocktails, and hookah with a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Hookah is probably one of the most exotic activities you can experience without having to travel to another country, and you can enjoy a romantic evening out with your Arabian Prince or Princess for the night. A hookah lounge is also the perfect place to go for a double date because you can request a pipe with two hoses for each couple to share and you can all have fun experimenting with different flavors together.

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