Why A Mediterranean Restaurant Is Perfect For A Romantic Date Night


When you’re planning a date (especially a first), you want everything to go perfectly. The right ambience, the right meal, the right crowd—everything needs to be just right. But what exactly goes into an ideal date? It obviously depends on your personalities, but there are some classic standbys that have stood the test of time. Nightclubs or concerts may be fun, but they’re not exactly romantic. And during a movie, you can’t really get to know one another. Mediterranean restaurants have the reputation for being sophisticated and relaxed at the same time, as well as intimate and romantic. Here are a few classic standbys you should look for if you’re looking for a romantic date night.

Amazing Food

Obviously, one of the main factors for any date is excellent food. When you eat anything greasy or unhealthy, for example, you’ll both feel unpleasant. By choosing delicious and well-presented food instead, you will impress your date and make he or she feel considered. Mediterranean food is known for being well-plated, delicious, and satisfying. There’s nothing like a beautiful meal to get the night going.

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Beautiful Atmosphere

Another important factor of a great date is the atmosphere you choose. This is another reason why a concert isn’t always a good idea—they can be crowded, loud, and dirty. This can also be the problem with many nightclubs. If you’re trying to set the mood for romance, you’re better off in a more intimate, low-key place that is romantic and has a chic, clean setting. A good Mediterranean restaurant like Terrace Restaurant will offer guests cozy indoor seating as well as outdoor seating under the stars.

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One-On-One Time

Again, nightclubs and concerts don’t really allow you to talk and get to know your date. They’re too loud and distracting. The same goes with a movie—you can’t talk to each other. After all, isn’t the point of a date to spend time getting to know someone? The right romantic date should allow for this, which is another reason that a good Mediterranean restaurant is a smart choice. Many of them offer a quieter and more intimate setting than a thumping nightclub or a packed concert.

A Couple At Dinner Talking

A Way To Be Close

For most people, the other big reason to go on a date with someone is for a chance to get a little closer to them physically. This can be as innocent as a hug or some dancing, but whatever you choose to do should allow for this, too. Look for a place with a dance floor so that you can be a bit closer for awhile.

Couple Hugging

Great Music

As mentioned above, certain types of music on a date is going to be too loud to set a romantic mood (nightclubs and concerts), but there should be a little music. Dead silence isn’t usually romantic. However, you’ll want the music to enhance the evening, not overtake it. Most Mediterranean restaurants that offer music hire exciting and romantic musicians to perform for their guests.


A Relaxed Vibe

Overall, you should look for an atmosphere that will relax both of you, allow you to talk, and be entertaining as well. If a place feels good, you will feel good. Something not too formal, not too crazy is the right balance. This is how most Mediterranean restaurants are, because many of them are also hookah lounges. There is a built-in ambience that is chilled-out and extravagant at the same time.

Couple in relaxed restaurant

All these reasons and more are why Mediterranean restaurants are perfect for a date.Terrace Restaurant & Lounge in Los Angeles not only has all of these qualities, it has them all in one place. We provide superior food, great music and dancing, a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere. Our Mediterranean cuisine is impeccable, we have a dance floor if you want to get a little close, and we have a hookah lounge if you want some quality one-on-one time getting to know each other. Check out our photo galleries, and feel free to book for reservations! With Terrace Restaurant, you will get the romantic date night you want.