The Sexiest Belly Dancing Scenes In Film!


Terrace Restaurant - Son of Sinbad Favorite Belly Dancing Movies

The art of belly dancing has a rich history, not just as a culturally-inspired art form or a means of exercise, but in Hollywood (and Bollywood, of course) films as well. For over a century, the silver screen’s most beautiful starlets have been exciting audiences with sexy gyrations and skimpy (or non-existent) outfits, often vaulting these female dancers to international fame. Continue on to see videos from some of our favorite belly dance scenes, then come to Terrace Restaurant to see live belly dancing at its best!

Sally Forrest & Nejla Ates in “Son Of Sinbad”

Produced by mega-capitalist Howard Hughes and released in 1955, “Son of Sinbad”‘s scandalous dance sequences and salacious costumes were considered extremely racy at the time. Though famous Turkish belly dancer Nejla Ates performs an exhilarating number within the first ten minutes of the film, most audiences best remember Sally Forrest’s sexy belly dance/pole dance number that concludes “Son of Sinbad.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones in “1001 Arabian Nights”

Released in 1990, this film about a beautiful young virgin who meets all of history’s great kings (via a televsion-watching genie, no less) launched 21-year-old Catherine-Zeta Jones’ career. Featuring erotic belly dancing scenes, insanely sexy outfits, and even a bit of nudity, “1001 Arabian Nights” was remembered almost entirely because of the fresh-faced Brit’s sultry performance.

Lisa Guirat in “From Russia With Love”

There are never any shortages of sexy distractions for James Bond, and “From Russia With Love” is no exception. The second installment in the soon-to-be wildly successful film franchise, this hit featured the undulations of British-born actress Lisa Guirat, who literally bends over backwards to seduce a male character. Watch below!

Katrina Kaif in “Tees Maar Khan” (Khan The Con)

One of Bollywood’s biggest films of 2010, “Tees Maar Khan” features actress, model, and professional dancer Katrina Kaif shimmying to the song “Sheila Ki Jawaani” (which literally translates to “Sheila’s Blossoming Womanhood”). That year, the song’s music video (posted below) was one of the most popular (and controversial) downloads in all of India, and help vault Kaif to international fame.