Ready, Set, Launch the Website!


We are launching our website for Terrace Restaurant and Lounge. We are excited to show you all the great features of our lovely establishment and can’t wait for you to navigate our pages with the same enthusiasm we used while creating them. Our website will showcase everything about your social experience with us including our restaurant’s fine details such as our great ambiance, fine dining, menu, Hookah lounge, live band entertainment, belly dance show and more. See our menu page for a collection of varieties in fine Lebanese cuisine. Our Hookah Lounge pageincludes the origins and information of the most popular social activity amongst the younger generation in America; smoking Hookah. To add to social events, we had to inform you with our live band entertainment page, which includes details about the live music with our live singers, DJ, and a belly dance dinner and show; since entertainment is a big part of our culture too! And speaking about entertainment, we’ve got an upcoming events page to give you a heads up about all the special events such as guest singers and band performances or special occasions that you don’t want to miss. Also, you need to check out our specials page where you can find our specials on food, drinks, and Hookah.  For all you visually stimulated people out there, click on our Galleries page, where you could see all the great moments and beauty of our place with our delicious food, Hookah lounge, and entertainment. We hope you enjoy our website!

New Middle Eastern Restaurant Website

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