The Best Lebanese Wines To Pair With Middle Eastern Cuisine


How To Pair Wine With Lebanese Food - Terrace Restaurant

The prevalence of wine in Middle Eastern and Lebanese cultures dates back to the beginning of written history, when the Phoenicians – the inhabitants of lands that would eventually become present-day Lebanon – became the world’s first large-scale wine makers and exporters 5,000 years ago. Because winemaking and Lebanese cuisine have evolved side-by-side for centuries, the best wines to pair with the spicy, savory flavors of Middle-Eastern foods come, unsurprisingly, from the Middle East as well. If you’re looking for a great complement to the delicious mezze combos, kebabs, and shawarma served at Terrace Restaurant and Lounge, consult the recommendations of our culinary manager and wine experts.* We have the perfect pairing for any palate!

Not A Fan Of Red? Reach For A Rosé!

Deep in the heart of the Bekaa Valley lies Lebanon’s largest winery, Château Ksara. Here, the dry climate produces some of the best wines in the world, including the Ksara Sunset Rosé, which combines Cabernet Franc and Syrah in a crisp, dry blend with aromas of berries and spice. The perfect complement to heavier mezzes and creamy dishes, the Sunset Rosé has a pleasing mineral character and a clean finish that refreshes and invigorates.

Chateau Ksara Rose - Terrace Restaurant and Lounge

For Lunch On The Patio, White Is Right

For spicy, salty, and oily foods that often (literally) cover the tables at Middle Eastern restaurants, nothing cleanses the palate and cuts through the heat quite like a light-bodied, semi-sweet white. Though a fairly new vintner, IXSIR has quickly established itself as one of the most serious Lebanese wine makers, and its Altitude IXSIR White is a superb example of the winery’s dedication to excellence. With deep floral aromas and notes of grapefruit, this fruity wine blends Muscat, Viognier, Sauvignon, and Sémillon varietals flawlessly.

The Altitude ISXIR White at Terrace Restaurant and Lounge

Be Bold! Fight Spice With Spice!

For the most adventurous palates, Terrace Restaurant recommends “fighting fire with fire,” as it were, by pairing the spiciest kebabs and most peppery shawarma with complex, earthy wines like the Chateau Musar Red. This wine’s blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan and Cinsault from vineyards near the Bekaa Valley gives it an impressive fragrance of plums, damsons, cranberries, and figs that harmonizes wonderfully with the dense flavors in many favorite Lebanese dishes. Not for the faint of heart, the Chateau Musar Red is a bold wine that can stand toe-to-toe with any Middle Eastern fare, no matter how spicy!

The Chateau Musar Red at Terrace Restaurant and Lounge

*Terrace Restaurant may not have these wines available at all times. Please inquire in advance about wine availability and appropriate substitutes.