Delicious Middle Eastern Desserts That Will Excite Every Palate


middle eastern dessert Terrace Restaurant & LoungeAnyone who has grown up in Middle Eastern culture will tell you that food is a staple in the home. Traditional cuisine gets people together, encourages plenty of creativity in the kitchen, and provides everyone with the simple pleasure of enjoying mouth-watering food.

Just about everyone’s favorite part of the meal is dessert, and if you’re ready to get your hands dirty in the kitchen and whip up some delicious treats inspired by traditional Middle Eastern culture, start with these ideas and enjoy them with your family or at your next dinner party.

Nut-Filled, Layered Baklava

Baklava means “many leaves” and is named after the multiple layers of pastry that make up this dessert. In between the layers of phyllo are nuts and spices that are drenched in a sweet syrup or honey. Baklava is one of the most traditional and well-loved desserts of the Middle East and is enjoyed in many celebrations every year.

Kataifi with Candied Pumpkin and Yogurt

This dessert is light and delicious and offers a refreshing way to end a meal with the fluffy Middle Eastern dough and sweet pumpkin and creamy yogurt. This treat is great for any occasion, but would make a perfect dessert for fall to serve at a party or get-together.

Baklava with Rose Water and Tea Granita

Sounding impossibly romantic, this Middle Eastern dessert whisks you away to a lush, exotic place just by hearing the name. The tea granita with rose water resembles a crumble and should be made one day before serving. The baklava is the perfect side dessert to get some crunch in between bites.

Rose Water Shortbread Cookies

Rose water cookies look as cute and enjoyable to eat as they are tasty. Made with a fine rice flour, this dessert is gluten-free while still being perfectly light and sweet. Serve these with tea, or after dinner with some Arabic coffee.

Raspberry Glazed Heart Scones

These scones are the ultimate romantic dessert, with the heart-shape, red raspberry glaze, and hint of rose water for a floral flavor that isn’t too sweet or heavy.

Caramel-Pistachio Torte with Halvah and Chocolate

This dessert is the perfect alternative to a candy bar, with the layers of caramel and nuts and topping of luscious dark chocolate.

Cardamom Milk Pudding

Cardamom is an exotic spice that is used in many Middle Eastern dishes. This pudding is creamy and not too spicy with the cardamom as it provides more of a delicate hint of flavor. Serve chilled to marinate the flavors best.

Cheese or Walnut-Filled Crepes

Traditionally called Atayef in Middle Eastern culture, these crepe-inspired desserts are commonly enjoyed after a month of fasting during Ramadan. But you can definitely make these lovely little treats any time of year! They resemble half-moon pockets of dough that are filled with either cheese or nuts and evoke a flavor and fragrance that is exotic and complex.

Persian Love Cake

The Persian love cake is so beautiful with its decorations of rose petals and nuts that you almost don’t want to cut in. But don’t let its pretty looks stop you from enjoying it, because the rose-scented whipped cream and hints of cardamom give a flavor you can’t find anywhere else.

Toasted Almond Cake with Strawberries in Rose-Water Syrup

This dessert is like the Middle Eastern version of strawberry shortcake. The toasted almonds provide a lovely nutty flavor and crunch, and the fresh strawberries mixed with lemon juice and rose water create a lovely infusion of delicate, fresh flavors.

Get inspired by these lovely, traditional Middle Eastern desserts for your next dinner party or relaxing day at home and transport your taste buds to another world.

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