Merry Christmas! Celebrate The Holidays With Middle Eastern Style


Merry Christmas! Celebrate The Holidays With Middle Eastern Style

The holidays are a time for merriment, traditions, and fun. But every holiday tradition has to start somewhere, so why not try something totally different this year?

With Christmas right around the corner, we’re sure you’re probably busy wrapping presents, decorating your tree, and getting ready to visit family and friends. This year, consider celebrating Christmas with some Middle Eastern flair. We know it might not be part of your tradition, but we at Terrace Restaurant And Lounge are here to show you why bringing some Middle Eastern style to your festivities is actually a great idea.

Delicious Party Food

The Middle East is known for its delicious delicacies, from healthy hummus to hearty kabobs. And of course, there are plenty of Middle Eastern options for vegans and vegetarians as well as meat-lovers. While there are plenty of reasons to try Middle Eastern food, best might be the fact that region’s dining traditions focus on togetherness.

Middle Eastern dining is all about putting family and friends first, encouraging togetherness with dishes made for sharing. Moreover, your friends and family will undoubtedly be impressed when they’re offered a new, exotic Middle Eastern dish they probably have never tried before. We previously suggested some Middle Eastern Thanksgiving dishes, and a similar approach could be taken when it comes to Christmas.

All About Rest & Relaxation

Middle Eastern gatherings are all about rest and relaxation, with all your guests coming together to enjoy each other’s company. While the most important part is just being together, its common in Middle Eastern culture for friends and family to come together to enjoy a hookah.

The relaxing aromas are perfect for big groups. Even better, hookah has always been a communal activity, meaning that you really can’t enjoy it without a bunch of your friends. If you’re looking to test out some hookah before the holidays, consider a visit to Terrace Restaurant & Lounge. We offer a huge selection of shishas with different flavors and aromas perfect for hookah veterans and newcomers alike.

Don’t Forget The Entertainment!

Food is probably the most important part of the holidays, but don’t forget the entertainment. After all, you wouldn’t want your holiday guests to get bored. Middle Eastern gatherings are known to include plenty of entertainment, from traditional music to belly dancers and more. To make your Christmas gathering truly exciting, you might want to incorporate some traditional Middle Eastern entertainment.

For some inspiration, consider a visit to Terrace Restaurant & Lounge. Our lounge is renowned for featuring some of the San Fernando Valley’s best live entertainment. We regularly feature traditional Middle Eastern musicians, DJs playing a variety of world music, and even professional belly dancers. You’ll be so impressed by our entertainment that you’ll want to bring some pros in for your very own parties!

There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate the holiday season. The most important thing is to gather your friends and family together for some fun. And there’s nothing more fun than bringing some Middle Eastern style to your holiday celebration. If you’re looking for some impressive holiday entertainment, contact Terrace Restaurant & Lounge and make a reservation for our Red and White XMas Party on December 24. Featuring live music from Hratch Bogharian and Shiraz Yeghiazarian, this is a party you won’t want to miss!