Mediterranean Culture

How To Make Lebanese Buche de Noel at Home!

Terrace Restaurant's Buche de Noel Recipe

Last year, Terrace Restaurant named the Buche de Noel as one of our favorite Holiday Season traditions. This year, we’re going to teach you how to make one of these delicious desserts in the comfort of your own home.

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The Evolution of Lebanese Music: Then & Now

Nancy Ajram

Music is an important part of Middle Eastern culture, and Lebanon has one of the richest musical histories of any Middle Eastern country. To help our patrons learn more about why Terrace’s Lounge singers perform some of the songs they do, we explored the evolution of Lebanese music from World War II to present day.

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Enjoy Terrace Restaurant Even in the Winter!

Terrace Restaurant Patio

People from Seattle, Chicago, and New York might scoff at what Angelenos consider cold, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t justified for wearing jackets when the temperature drops below 60 degrees! Here are four reasons why Terrace Restaurant is the perfect place to take a date, have a reunion, or enjoy a night out on…

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Five Middle Eastern Breweries You Need to Know!

Beirut Beer

Though known world-wide for their wine, Middle Eastern nations like Israel and Lebanon are now helping to establishing the region as a hub for microbreweries as well. From the Israeli-based Taybeh Brewery to Beirut Beer in (you guessed it) Lebanon, here are five breweries that Terrace Restaurant and Lounge believes every beer aficionado must try!…

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Interesting Facts About “The Middle East” From Terrace Restaurant

Middle Eastern Food

Though an understanding of Middle Eastern society, culture, and demography isn’t necessary for enjoying Terrace Restaurant and Lounge’s great Lebanese cuisine, we think knowing more about where our favorite dishes come from adds a little “flavor” to the experience. Read on to learn some interesting facts about the Middle East that might surprise you!

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A History of Lebanese Wine

Winery in Bekaa Valley Lebanon

It’s no secret that wine pairs excellently with Middle Eastern food, but many of Terrace Restaurant’s patrons will be surprised to learn that the ancient Lebanese (then the Phoenicians) wwere actually the world’s first wine makers. Read on for a brief history lesson on Lebanese wine, then come try a bottle of authentic Middle Eastern…

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Hear Popular Middle Eastern Instruments at Terrace!

The Oud

Though Middle Eastern music can be difficult to define, certain instruments have emerged as cultural staples, regardless of geopolitical and social origins. Before heading to Terrace Restaurant to hear some authentic Middle Eastern musicians, learn a little about some of the culture’s most popular instruments!

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Hookah Tips From Terrace Restaurant

Hookah at Terrace Restaurant

One of the most fun, affordable activities you can do with a group of friends, smoking hookah has become an increasingly popular way to spend an evening out or relax after a delicious Middle Eastern feast. To get the most out of your hookah experience, the hookah experts at Terrace Restaurant offer some tips for…

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Terrace Restaurant’s Exciting New Entertainers!

Live Entertainment - Saurday Nights at Encino, CA

Fueled by the popularity of weekend artists like Shiraz and monthly performances of bands like String Harmonies, Terrace Restaurant now offers live musical performances four nights a week. Come dance to some of the best Middle Eastern musicians in Los Angeles while enjoying delicious Lebanese cuisine, top-shelf cocktails, and professionally-served Hookah!

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How To Make Arabic Coffee In 7 Simple Steps

How To Make Arabic Coffee - Terrace Restaurant

Middle Eastern and Lebanese gatherings often revolve around food and drink, and one of the most common ways to entertain visitors, neighbors, and friends is by brewing pot after pot of rich Arabic coffee to enjoy over delightful conversation.Though we think Terrace Restaurant’s specialty coffee is the best in town, if you’d like to try…

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