Hookah Tips From Terrace Restaurant


Hookah at Terrace Restaurant

One of the most fun, affordable activities you can do with a group of friends, smoking hookah has become an increasingly popular way to spend an evening out or relax after a delicious Middle Eastern feast. To get the most out of your hookah experience, the hookah experts at Terrace Restaurant offer some tips for the smoothest, coolest, most flavorful smoke imaginable.

(Note: While not all of these suggestions can be implemented at Terrace Restaurant, we recommend trying them at home!)

Tip #1: Save The Water (We ARE in a Drought, After All)

Though water pipes like hookahs are traditionally filled with water, almost any type of liquid can be used to help flavor your smoking experience. For a sweeter taste, Terrace recommends adding a bit of wine to the water in the base of your hookah, or replacing the water with orange juice, rose water, or even cola. Liquors like vodka and tequila may also used to add flavor to your tobacco, though you probably won’t feel the effects of the alcohol unless you drink it.

Different Hookah Tobacco Flavors at Terrace Restaurant
Tip #2: Mix It Up!

Instead of sticking with just one flavor (whether it be “Pirate’s Cave,” “Blue Surfer,” or “Sex on the Beach”), try mixing in matching your tobacco to get interesting/awesome flavor combinations. If you’re unsure of which combination to try next, we recommend cutting your tobacco with mint—this will give your combo a cool, refreshing taste.

Tip #3: Shred It!

One of the keys to maximizing your hookah experience, having good “air flow” will help keep your tobacco smoke full and the taste of your tobacco robust. Terrace recommends finely shredding your hookah tobacco with your fingers to maximize this air flow, and making sure your pipe and hoses are regularly cleaned is a good idea as well.

Glow Sticks in Hookah
Tip #4: Let It Glow

Placing glow stick in the base of your hookah creates a cool lighting effect, especially if you’re smoking in a dark place. Be cautious, though—if the glow stick appears to be damaged in any way, avoid using it. (The last thing you want to do is inhale neon pink chemicals!)

Tip #5: Chill Out!

To get an extra-smooth, cool smoke, try placing your water-filled base in the freezer for a few minutes before smoking. Don’t forget to take the base out, though; if the water freezes, it will likely crack the glass and ruin your night!

Hookah at Terrace Restaurant

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