Hookah Lounge – Serving Quality Shisha


Hookah Smoking With Quality Shisha FlavorsCome to the Terrace Hookah lounge to enjoy our Hookah Shisha flavors that include exotic tastes and are made with high quality ingredients.  Hookah is just the right remedy when you are in the mood to relax and lounge. People have been smoking Hookah in their homes and in Hookah Lounges for many centuries across the Middle Eastern regions. Hookah has been a great part of the Arab world as culture and tradition for a long time. Hookah smoking has been used for social gatherings, such as for celebrations and large gathering for centuries.  Today Hookah is also a big part of the new social scene across the U.S. People are enjoying Hookah for a night out on the town with friends. It is most common to enjoy Hookah after a meal or with coffee, tea, and dessert. The Terrace is a Hookah restaurant which means you can relax and be in peace here while smoking Hookah.

For maintaining a peaceful and enjoying vibe we recommend everyone compromise with the following on Hookah etiquette:

  • Promote good hygiene; always use a mouth tip.
  • Don’t blow smoke in another person’s face, unless you have an invitation to do so.
  • Do not move the Hookah, if you need it moved, call a server.
  • Do not touch the coals, call a server.
  • When you are passing, pass the hose with the mouthpiece away from the person being passed to.
  • When finished smoking, wrap the hose around your Hookah, signaling that you are done.


Live Music

The Terrace is a live music restaurant featuring both a live band and a DJ. Music is a great part of the Middle Eastern culture and the best way to represent it is by having live music sung by singers and played by DJ’s. There will be live entertainment on the weekends, including international music. Read more…

Sunday Nights – Entertainment

Our house DJ entertains by spinning international music from American Top 40, Euro Club Mixes, and Middle Eastern Belly Dancing music...
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Happy Hour Specials

Bring your co-workers and friends after work to enjoy our Happy Hour Menu from 3pm to 7pm. Our mix of appetizers and drinks start from just $4!
Starting at just $4