The Hookah Culture


Hookah silver baseOver the last few decades, Hookah has definitely gained a lot of popularity with more and more Americans taking pleasure in smoking Hookah, especially at Hookah lounges. Hookah lounge openings have also spread across America, catering to the many Americans who enjoy Hookah and all the many flavors of Shisha. Hookah bars can be seen near universities and urban cities which attract the younger population, but Hookah now is being enjoyed by different types of people in different age groups.  Hookah smoking has become a part of American culture. First originating from the Middle Eastern regions centuries ago, Hookah has made a deep imprint over the last decade in America
. Hookah smoking is a social enjoyment, where people enjoy smoking Hookah to relax, lounge, and enjoy time with friends. Now, people from different ethnicities and backgrounds in America are enjoying the Hookah culture; embracing multiculturalism. Some Hookah lounges are very simple serving only Hookah with tea or coffee.  Some Hookah bars are familiar with the Hookah culture and also offer food and drinks for the Hookah smokers.

Also some Hookah lounges have live music like DJ’s spinning beats to help the Hookah crowd enjoy themselves with their friends. Hookah smoking has been a type of socialization for all those who enjoy Hookah. We thought that Hookah smoking and Hookah lounges were fads and trends that would come and go, but now we all realize that Hookah smoking is a culture that is being appreciated and indulged in by many. The Hookah culture in America looks like it’s here to stay.