Grand Opening Night Of The Terrace


The Grand opening of Terrace Restaurant and Lounge was a hit! We saw many happy faces and people mingling in the crowd. For starters, we wanted to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable as they were greeted by our staff. Entrees and mezzas were being flaunted by our serving staff to the tables that were anticipating tasting Lebanese cuisine with a fine display. Top music videos were being played inside on our big screen TV and outside on the Terrace Lounge before our house DJ took stage. Our house DJ played a mix of current top music and most favored hits from various artists from the Middle East. After nine p.m. the dance show began. The dancers opened up their show with the Samba dance with the right attire including colorful feathered headpieces and took the audience by storm with their quick footsteps across the dance floor. The next dance was a traditional Armenian folk dance that starts off slow with hand movements, then transforms into a fast dance with leg steps that go quicker with the beat. The last dance performance was an Arabic dance with a trio of belly dancers in royal blue costumes with jewels glistening in the dim lighting as they swayed their hips and provoked belly movements with technique. The show was very carefully choreographed and a delight to watch. The belly dancers were great and so very entertaining to watch, because they were so warm with the crowd with their smiles on their faces. The belly dancers even got a few people from the crowd and started to dance with them; very fun to watch. Also, how often do you see professional dancers incorporating in their show, regular people from the audience to engage in dance with? The belly dancers also went on The Terrace Lounge to engage with the guests sitting outdoors. Our guest sitting outdoors were enjoying food, drink, and smoking hookah as they were greeted by our amazing belly dancers-thanks for not leaving anyone out guys! After the professional dance show ended and our Terrace singer and house DJ took the stage; our guests crowded the dance floor and danced to international music for the rest of the night. The Terrace would like to thank all those guests that joined us for the big night. We look forward to seeing you join us again at the Terrace soon…

Check out our photo gallery below of our Grand Opening night