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Five Middle Eastern Breweries You Need to Know!

Beirut Beer

Though known world-wide for their wine, Middle Eastern nations like Israel and Lebanon are now helping to establishing the region as a hub for microbreweries as well. From the Israeli-based Taybeh Brewery to Beirut Beer in (you guessed it) Lebanon, here are five breweries that Terrace Restaurant and Lounge believes every beer aficionado must try!…

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Know Your Lebanese Food

Great Food at Terrace Restaurant

At Terrace Restaurant and Lounge, we know that not all of our guests are lucky enough to have been brought up in Middle Eastern households! (Ha!) To help those unfamiliar with Lebanese cuisine decipher our restaurant’s authentic menu, we’ve included a short glossary of some of our favorite dishes and ingredients. See something that sounds…

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Top Five Reasons To Visit Terrace On Friday Nights

Terrace Restaurant Exterior

Los Angeles has thousands of restaurants, hookah bars, dance clubs, and live music venues for Angelenos to patronize on Friday nights, but few establishments combine all four into one phenomenal (and affordable) experience. If you’re looking for a great place to eat delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, smoke top-notch Hookah, listen to professional musicians, and sweat-it-out…

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Terrace Restaurant’s Favorite Middle Eastern Dishes

Baba Ganoush at Terrace Restaurant and Lounge

It’s difficult to select our favorite Middle Eastern dishes at Terrace Restaurant, but that’s not going to stop us from trying. If you’ve never tasted authentic Lebanese cuisine and aren’t sure what to order, let us recommend the following combination of traditional favorites and more “out there” selections from our extensive menu. We promise you…

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The History of Happy Hour (In Honor of Our New Menu!)

Terrace Restaurant Features $4 Happy Hour Small Plates

Happy Hour, as we’ve come to know it, is a great way to unwind from a hard day’s work, chat with friends over discounted food, cocktails, and beer, and maybe even get a little buzzed before dinner (if you can drink fast enough). But where and when did this time-honored tradition start? In honor of…

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The Best Lebanese Wines To Pair With Middle Eastern Cuisine

How To Pair Wine With Lebanese Food - Terrace Restaurant

The prevalence of wine in Middle Eastern and Lebanese cultures dates back to the beginning of written history, when the Phoenicians – the inhabitants of lands that would eventually become present-day Lebanon – became the world’s first large-scale wine makers and exporters 5,000 years ago. Because winemaking and Lebanese cuisine have evolved side-by-side for centuries,…

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How To Make Arabic Coffee In 7 Simple Steps

How To Make Arabic Coffee - Terrace Restaurant

Middle Eastern and Lebanese gatherings often revolve around food and drink, and one of the most common ways to entertain visitors, neighbors, and friends is by brewing pot after pot of rich Arabic coffee to enjoy over delightful conversation.Though we think Terrace Restaurant’s specialty coffee is the best in town, if you’d like to try…

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4 Great Ways To Enjoy Terrace Restaurant and Lounge

Terrace Restaurant and Lounge

From trying one of our many delicious hookah flavors to indulging in an authentic, Middle Eastern meal with all your friends and family, Terrace Restaurant and Lounge in Encino has a variety of ways to enjoy our beautiful facilities, top-notch entertainment, and industry-leading cuisine! Here, in no particular order, are four of our favorites: #1:…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Hummus

Why You Should Eat More Hummus - Terrace Restaurant

Hummus is delicious – no one denies this obvious fact. But did you also know that, health-wise, everyone’s favorite Middle Eastern/Mediterranean dip is also one of the best foods on the planet?! Keep reading to learn all about the amazing benefits of this zesty “superfood,” then come down and try one of L.A.’s best hummus recipes…

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The Best Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Food Blogs 2014

Hummus, A Middle Eastern Favorite

Whether you’re educating yourself on popular dishes before heading out to your favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, or preparing a Lebanese-inspired feast for family and friends at home, these blogs are sure to get your stomach growling and your mouth watering. Though the internet is populated with hundreds – if not thousands – of blogs specializing in…

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