Five Middle Eastern Breweries You Need to Know!


Beirut Beer

Though known world-wide for their wine, Middle Eastern nations like Israel and Lebanon are now helping to establishing the region as a hub for microbreweries as well. From the Israeli-based Taybeh Brewery to Beirut Beer in (you guessed it) Lebanon, here are five breweries that Terrace Restaurant and Lounge believes every beer aficionado must try!

Terrace Restaurant Blog - Breweries (Lone Tree)

Lone Tree Brewery, Israel

Founded in 2009, the Lone Tree Brewery takes its name from the ancient oak tree that survived the Jordanian occupation in Gush Etzion (Israel) from 1949-1967. One of the brewery’s founders, David Shire, worked as a biologist at the Hadassah Medical Center and later as a landscaper before finally pursuing his dream of establishing a boutique brewery. Lone Tree produces between seven and eight varieties of beer, including an oatmeal stout, an India pale ale, a California common, a Piraat-style ale, and a pomegranate ale.

Terrace Restaurant Blog - Breweries (Taybeh)

Taybeh Brewery

Derived from the Arabic word for “delicious,” Taybeh was founded by brother Nadi and David Khoudry over 20 years ago and is now found in hundreds of bars throughout Israel, Germany, and Sweden despite the challenge of shipping supplies in and out of Palestinian Territory (where the brewery is located). Considered a pioneer in the region, Taybeh produces five types of beer – Golden, Light, Amber, Dark, and White – as well as a non-alcoholic beer for the Muslim market.

Terrace Restaurant Blog - Breweries (Gold Star)


Now owned by Israel’s largest brewery and second-largest beverage producer, Tempo Beer Industries, Goldstar is a household name throughout Israel and can now be found in large U.S. and European markets. Goldstar has been produced since the 1950s, and is marketed as a dark lager beer despite its pale golden in appearance. In January 2007, Tempo introduced a 4% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) Goldstar Light.

Terrace Restaurant Blog - Breweries (Almaza)


Founded in 1933, Almaza Brewery (Officially Brasserie Almaza S.A.L.) is one of Lebanon’s longest-operating breweries, though ownership has changed hands several times since its creation. Today, Almaza exports to Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, and in the Persian Gulf countries, and is available in a Pilsner, Pure Malt, or Al Rayess.

Beirut Beer

Beruit Beer

Located in Lebanon’s famed wine-producing region, the Bekaa Valley, Beirut Beer is brewed in state-of-the-art brewery and promises a smooth, balanced taste free from the usual bitterness inherent in many German Pilsners. According to the brand’s website, Beirut Beer is “100% Lebanese, owned by Lebanese people and made primarily for Lebanese people.” Kesak!