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Visit Terrace Restaurant & Lounge This Valentine’s Day!

Visit Terrace Restaurant & Lounge This Valentine's Day!

February is here, love is in the air, and Cupid’s arrows are ready to fly, because Valentine’s Day is almost here. We’re just one week away from the annual holiday of love, meaning you should be making plans for you and your significant other. But don’t worry if you haven’t planned anything yet, because Terrace…

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Why You Should Visit A Hookah Lounge Today

Why You Should Visit A Hookah Lounge Today

Hookah lounges are the perfect setting for any special occasion. And if you want to enjoy some hookah you’re in luck, because Terrace Restaurant & Lounge is home to one of the San Fernando Valley’s best hookah lounges. Our patrons know that our lounge has some of the best service in the region. Even better, we…

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Delicious Middle Eastern Desserts That Will Excite Every Palate

middle eastern dessert Terrace Restaurant & Lounge

Anyone who has grown up in Middle Eastern culture will tell you that food is a staple in the home. Traditional cuisine gets people together, encourages plenty of creativity in the kitchen, and provides everyone with the simple pleasure of enjoying mouth-watering food. Just about everyone’s favorite part of the meal is dessert, and if…

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How Music Affects The Dining Experience

Terrace Restaurant Blog - How Music Affects Dining Experience 01

It’s common experience; you go out to eat with your significant other, family, or friends at a trendy restaurant like Terrace Restaurant and Lounge, and as soon as you enter the building, you hear music filling the dining room and lobby. Today, mealtime musical accompaniment has become so expected, in fact, that we would probably…

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Four Reasons To Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Terrace

Terrace Restaurant New Years

Not sure what to do or where to go for the 2015 New Year’s Eve celebrations? If you’re a fan of live music, unlimited drinks, and great Middle Eastern food, come ring in 2016 at Terrace Restaurant & Lounge’s Annual New Year’s Eve Celebration. We have everything your could want in a high-energy party, including:

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The Evolution of Lebanese Music: Then & Now

Nancy Ajram

Music is an important part of Middle Eastern culture, and Lebanon has one of the richest musical histories of any Middle Eastern country. To help our patrons learn more about why Terrace’s Lounge singers perform some of the songs they do, we explored the evolution of Lebanese music from World War II to present day.

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Enjoy Terrace Restaurant Even in the Winter!

Terrace Restaurant Patio

People from Seattle, Chicago, and New York might scoff at what Angelenos consider cold, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t justified for wearing jackets when the temperature drops below 60 degrees! Here are four reasons why Terrace Restaurant is the perfect place to take a date, have a reunion, or enjoy a night out on…

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Great Family Activities Close to Terrace Restaurant in Encino

Encino Commons

Los Angeles is a BIG city, and it often makes more sense to drive and hour or more across town if you plan on spending the entire day in a specific neighborhood. At Terrace Restaurant, our customers — especially those with young children — are always asking: “So what else is there to do in Encino?” As it turns out,…

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Top Five Reasons To Visit Terrace On Friday Nights

Terrace Restaurant Exterior

Los Angeles has thousands of restaurants, hookah bars, dance clubs, and live music venues for Angelenos to patronize on Friday nights, but few establishments combine all four into one phenomenal (and affordable) experience. If you’re looking for a great place to eat delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, smoke top-notch Hookah, listen to professional musicians, and sweat-it-out…

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The Sexiest Belly Dancing Scenes In Film!

Terrace Restaurant - Son of Sinbad Favorite Belly Dancing Movies

The art of belly dancing has a rich history, not just as a culturally-inspired art form or a means of exercise, but in Hollywood (and Bollywood, of course) films as well. For over a century, the silver screen’s most beautiful starlets have been exciting audiences with sexy gyrations and skimpy (or non-existent) outfits, often vaulting…

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