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Q & A: Jack Berberian, Restaurant Management Extraordinaire

Since Terrace Restaurant and Lounge in Encino opened its doors Fall of 2013, those in the know have flocked to this new valley night spot to enjoy flavorful Mediterranean cuisine and fine shisha under the stars in the establishment’s beautiful outdoor courtyard. Jack Berberian, Terrace’s general manager, enjoyed a long career in the restaurant and…

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Alcazar Restaurant Transforms into the Terrace Restaurant and Lounge

alcazar restaurant

Alcazar Restaurant originally occupied the space Terrace Restaurant and Lounge is at now.  Alcazar Restaurant brought Encino a unique plate of food for any food lover and letting them experience a taste of the Middle East and the Mediterranean.  The interior was nice and formal with ample room for its guests to dance and enjoy the…

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Elegance Through the Ages: the Art of Outdoor Dining in Los Angeles

Outdoor dining has been a part of the human experience as long as there have been humans, not in the least because for the parts of our history before we learned to create our own shelters, all eating was technically outdoor dining. Today, voluntary outdoor dining is enjoyed in almost as many ways as there…

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Hookah At Home – How to Set Up Your Own Hookah

When you come to Terrace to enjoy traditional Mediterranean cuisine and quality flavored shisha under the stars in our beautiful outdoor courtyard, your server will expertly prepare the hookah for your party. If you’re interested in enjoying the hookah life more often, though, here’s an easy guide to setting up and loading a hookah at…

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The Hookah Culture

Over the last few decades, Hookah has definitely gained a lot of popularity with more and more Americans taking pleasure in smoking Hookah, especially at Hookah lounges. Hookah lounge openings have also spread across America, catering to the many Americans who enjoy Hookah and all the many flavors of Shisha. Hookah bars can be seen…

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Grand Opening Night Of The Terrace

The Grand opening of Terrace Restaurant and Lounge was a hit! We saw many happy faces and people mingling in the crowd. For starters, we wanted to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable as they were greeted by our staff. Entrees and mezzas were being flaunted by our serving staff to the tables that were…

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Ready, Set, Launch the Website!

New Middle Eastern Restaurant Website

We are launching our website for Terrace Restaurant and Lounge. We are excited to show you all the great features of our lovely establishment and can’t wait for you to navigate our pages with the same enthusiasm we used while creating them. Our website will showcase everything about your social experience with us including our…

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