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LAPD Head Chief Charlie Beck Recognizes Terrace Restaurant

Terrace Receives Award

Terrace Restaurant recently received recognition from Head Chief Charlie Beck of the Los Angeles Police Department. The award, which was graciously accepted by owners Rafi Hovagimian and Ara Hovagimian, was presented by Deputy Chief Jorge Villegas.

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Arak: The Drink Of Lebanon

High-Quality Bottled Arak

What Is Arak, Anyway? Arak is a colorless, anise-flavored (black liquorice-flavored, for those unfamiliar with the taste of anise) alcoholic Aperitif traditionally imbibed in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Turkey, and Iran. Commonly used in social settings, such as dinner parties, restaurants, and night clubs, and usually accompanied by small appetizers called mezze to offset the alcohol’s…

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The Spice Of Life: 5 Flavors To Cure Every Ailment

Middle Eastern Spices Cure All

Everyone knows that the right spices can make food taste amazing. But did you also know that certain Middle Eastern flavors can actually improve your health, too? Read on to learn about five spices that can ailments ranging from headaches to snakebites! Aniseed. Also commonly called anise, this Mediterranean spice is sweet and aromatic, and…

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The Best Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Food Blogs 2014

Hummus, A Middle Eastern Favorite

Whether you’re educating yourself on popular dishes before heading out to your favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, or preparing a Lebanese-inspired feast for family and friends at home, these blogs are sure to get your stomach growling and your mouth watering. Though the internet is populated with hundreds – if not thousands – of blogs specializing in…

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Belly Dancing 101: The Basics of “Danse Du Ventre”

Belly Dancer

The History. Though the exact origin is debated among historians, prevailing theory posits that belly dancing began in the Middle East or North Africa, and likely originated as a religious dance. The technique was gradually introduced to European culture through centuries of Western invasion and conquest, and in 1893, belly dancing came to America as…

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World Heart day 2014 – Mediterranean Diet a Key Factor in Heart Health

This Monday is World Heart Day, a global initiative by the World Heart Federation to promote heart health and prevent early deaths due to complications from heart disease. This is good news for Terrace and our customers, as studies have consistently linked a traditional Mediterranean diet to improved cardiovascular health and a lower risk of…

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String Harmonies Dazzles Crowd at Terrace

At Terrace Restaurant and Lounge, we love to provide our guests with top-notch live entertainment both from the rich local talent pool that southern California is blessed with, and well-known touring acts. It was our pleasure to welcome acclaimed classical fusion group String Harmonies to Terrace on July 9 for a concert under the stars!

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We Love Flatbreads!

At Terrace Restaurant and Lounge, we’re known for our delicious homemade tanoor bread, a traditional Middle Eastern flat bread grilled with oil to give it a scrumptious doughy, bubbly texture. Almost as popular is our pita, the well-known flat bread that creates “pockets” when sliced in half which make it perfect for making stuffed sandwiches…

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Enjoy Family-Style Mediterranean Dining At Terrace!

Family style dining is the traditional way of sharing food and fun with a group of friends and family to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy one another’s company. At Terrace, our menu of combinations, dinner specials, and platters of wonderful traditional Mediterranean cuisine is served to your party in this way, with large…

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How to Make Falafel

Falafel is a tasty, versatile vegetarian dish that’s great as a side or the main course, solo or wrapped in a pita. The unique blend of chickpeas, herbs, and exotic spices are delicious when fried to a crispy perfection and served with other Mediterranean staples. It’s delicious enough to eat every day, and if that’s…

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