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7 Things That Happen at a Lebanese Wedding

One thing is for certain with a Lebanese wedding: it is large, wild, and totally lavish! Lebanese weddings get the reputation for making other events seem like casual house parties, and they are nothing short of spectacular. These weddings require great food, a great location, plenty of partying, and a few other things to make…

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Host Your Graduation Party At Terrace Restaurant & Lounge

graduation terrace restaurant & lounge

Congratulations, graduate! Your years of hard work has paid off and now it’s time to celebrate your big accomplishment. What better venue to host your graduation party than at Terrace Restaurant & Lounge! Our upscale Middle-Eastern Mediterranean restaurant and lounge with its warm ambiance and hospitality is like no other venue. Our team takes the extra step…

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Six Middle Eastern Food To Try Today

In North America, Middle Eastern food first became popular in the 1990s with the so-called “Mediterranean diet.” At Terrace Restaurant and Lounge, we know all too well about Middle Eastern dishes. We have some of the finest Middle Eastern food on our menu that is sure to please. From hot and cold appetizers, to entrees and…

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How Music Affects The Dining Experience

Terrace Restaurant Blog - How Music Affects Dining Experience 01

It’s common experience; you go out to eat with your significant other, family, or friends at a trendy restaurant like Terrace Restaurant and Lounge, and as soon as you enter the building, you hear music filling the dining room and lobby. Today, mealtime musical accompaniment has become so expected, in fact, that we would probably…

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What to Expect When Dining Out With Lebanese/Armenians

Terrace Restaurant Blog - Armenian Dinner Etiquette

Whether grabbing dinner at a popular eatery like Terrace Restaurant and Lounge or dining in the comfort of someone’s home, it’s always a good idea for dinner guests be aware of cultural customs and abide by the norms of cultural etiquette. To help you prepare for you Armenian or Lebanese feast, here are some things…

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Why Lebanon and Armenia Celebrate Christmas in January

Armenian Christmas

In the United States, most people celebrate Christmas on December 25th. It may come as a shock to many, therefore, that the day we often think of as the day Jesus was born is not the same in different regions of the world. To get to the bottom of this inconsistency, we at Terrace Restaurant…

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Miss Lebanon Comes In 4th at Miss World Competition!

Miss Lebanon 2015

Much to the pride and adoration of Lebanese citizens everywhere, the beautiful Valerie Abou Chakra took fourth in the 65th Annual Miss World beauty pageant, held this year in Sanya, China. Chakra, who was crowned Miss Lebanon just a few short weeks before the international event took place on November 21st, bested 106 other young women…

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How To Make Lebanese Buche de Noel at Home!

Terrace Restaurant's Buche de Noel Recipe

Last year, Terrace Restaurant named the Buche de Noel as one of our favorite Holiday Season traditions. This year, we’re going to teach you how to make one of these delicious desserts in the comfort of your own home.

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Four Reasons To Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Terrace

Terrace Restaurant New Years

Not sure what to do or where to go for the 2015 New Year’s Eve celebrations? If you’re a fan of live music, unlimited drinks, and great Middle Eastern food, come ring in 2016 at Terrace Restaurant & Lounge’s Annual New Year’s Eve Celebration. We have everything your could want in a high-energy party, including:

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The Evolution of Lebanese Music: Then & Now

Nancy Ajram

Music is an important part of Middle Eastern culture, and Lebanon has one of the richest musical histories of any Middle Eastern country. To help our patrons learn more about why Terrace’s Lounge singers perform some of the songs they do, we explored the evolution of Lebanese music from World War II to present day.

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