Alcazar Restaurant Transforms into the Terrace Restaurant and Lounge


alcazar restaurantAlcazar Restaurant originally occupied the space Terrace Restaurant and Lounge is at now.  Alcazar Restaurant brought Encino a unique plate of food for any food lover and letting them experience a taste of the Middle East and the Mediterranean.  The interior was nice and formal with ample room for its guests to dance and enjoy the dancers that entertain guest during weekend nights.

Now, a new management has taken over Alcazar Restaurant and transformed it into the new Terrace Restaurant and Lounge.  A contemporary style and panache has been applied to the restaurant and the changes were drastic and daring.  Changes were not only applied on the outside, but also inside of the restaurant as well.  Neon lights line the edges of the ceiling and new lighting fixtures allow for some dazzling light shows.  Coupling the lights with the new contemporary styled interior and you have a restaurant that draws not only your eyes in, but your stomach as well.

The food served stays with the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean roots and the food is presented perfectly.  Enjoy the various plates offered such as hummos, mutabal, labneh, warak enab, tabbooleh falafel, and many more to whet your appetite.  The amount of food served seems endless and definitely worth the price.  Whether it is lunch or dinner time, the food will not disappoint.

The idea of having live entertainment also transferred from over from Alacazar.  Dancers fill the room to make your stay a lot more enjoyable.  The new interior sets the tone for the dancers to really express the beauty of belly dancing and the beautiful Middle Eastern culture behind the dance.

Along with the dancing comes with music.  A House DJ or guest singers fill the dining room with music from all over the world.  Food lovers can enjoy a nice set of music over the weekend nights and go out to the Hookah Lounge to finish the night off.

The outside patio has also been reworked and opened up for a Hookah lounge experience.  The open air allows people not to only experience the lovely food outside under the sun or the moon, but also relax and smoke some nice Hookah Shisha flavors.  The patio also has heating units to keep those cold nights warm and enjoyable.

The Terrace Restaurant and Lounge offers an experience for all generations.  Enjoy the vast arrange of food or just sit down and enjoy a nice smoke in the Hookah Lounge.  Don’t forget there are specials going on during lunch and dinner times.  Terrace Restaurant gives another reason for food and Hookah lovers to visit Encino.