4 Great Ways To Enjoy Terrace Restaurant and Lounge


Terrace Restaurant and Lounge

From trying one of our many delicious hookah flavors to indulging in an authentic, Middle Eastern meal with all your friends and family, Terrace Restaurant and Lounge in Encino has a variety of ways to enjoy our beautiful facilities, top-notch entertainment, and industry-leading cuisine! Here, in no particular order, are four of our favorites:

 - Four Ways To Enjoy Terrace - Terrace Restaurant Patio

Terrace Restaurant’s Patio Is Stunning Regardless of the Weather

#1: Experiencing The Night On Our Beautiful Patio!

In addition to the lively indoor dining facilities, Terrace Restaurant and Lounge boasts one of the most magical private patios in all of Los Angeles. Accented by dream-like holiday lights and, on colder nights, warmed by a bevy of quiet space-heaters, guests love watching the sunset or stargazing in the serene and calming surroundings. Even when it does rain in Encino (infrequent though rain storms may be), patrons may still enjoy Terrace’s patio thanks to the waterproof coverings which keep the water at bay.

Large Groups and Parties at Terrace Restaurant

Large Groups are ALWAYS Welcome at Terrace!

#2: Family-Style Dining in a Large Group!

At Terrace Restaurant, we don’t just welcome large parties, we encourage them! One of the most beloved aspects of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culture is the family-style meal; in this tradition, a large group of friends and family members share many smaller dishes, called mezzas, while sitting at one large table. This is a great way to celebrate a special occasion or to bring loved ones together, and our staff is happy to accommodate parties of almost any size! Make your birthday, anniversary, engagement, or promotion a night to remember – call to make a reservation today!

Try Hookah at Terrace Restaurant

Hookah Is A Local Favorite! Try all of Terrace’s Flavors Today!

#3: Trying One Of Our Many Hookah Flavors!

Hookah has been around for centuries, and Terrace Restaurant is proud to offer a premium version of this unique cultural tradition to our guests. Try all of our exciting flavors as you and your friends converse in our restaurant’s refined yet contemporary atmosphere, then head to the bar for a top-shelf cocktail. We guarantee our hookah service is the best in Southern California!

Belly Dancer at Terrace Restaurant

Did We Mention Terrace Restaurant Also Has Belly Dancers?

#4: Breaking A Sweat On Our Vibrant Dance Floor

If you’re in the mood to dance the night away, head to Terrace on Friday or Saturday Nights! The dancefloor is always packed on the weekends, and our wide variety of professional entertainers – from live musicians to DJs to belly dancers! – will keep the party going until the small hours of the morning! Our kitchen is open late, too, so don’t worry if you work up an appetite dancing to our culturally-inspired beats; we’ve got you covered!